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Be the best
you've ever been.

Eva’s life & career coaching has a simple goal: bridge the gap between your dream and your reality.
“It is easy to get lost when doing coaching, but Eva makes sure it stays productive and relevant.”
Sr. Technical Talent Acquisition Partner
“Her approach helped me identify my strengths, overcome weaknesses, and achieve my career goals.”
Full Stack Web Developer
“Eva has always gone above and beyond as my coach. She helped us grow from 2 to almost 100 people.”
Early Careers Talent Acquisition

“If you're looking for someone to coach you to get your dream job,

Eva is that person.”

Full Stack

Break free
from old patterns

Together we focus on what’s happening right now.


Are you feeling stuck, burned out, confused...? No matter how big or small the challenge, the goal is to keep moving forward and stop being unstuck.


We need clarity to make progress.

Design the life you want to live

What exactly do you want to get out of life?


You might want that badass job, the courage to pursue your dream, the luxury of work-life balance, or the peace of financial freedom. There is no wrong answer.


We define fulfillment on your terms.

Image by Jared Erondu

Bridge the gap and take control

The gap between today and your dream is one step away.

The difference between you and the person living your dream life are the steps you take every single day. We focus on finding structure and accountability.

We build a plan to get you to take control.

100% judgement-free
Honest and grounded, I’ll only challenge you to make progress
Full of new possibilities
I am not here to fix you, I am here to show you new perspectives
100% confidential
A safe space, I adhere to the Ethical guidelines of the ICF

Your new life starts now

1h Coaching session

A 1-off extended session to set an agenda, explore how we will work together, and cover one or more topics in the same session.


No commitment.

6x Session

The best way to commit to your new life, build momentum month over month, and see the long-term impact of coaching.


Valid for 5 months.


Not ready to commit...?

FREE Session


This is a great opportunity to get a first taste of coaching. It can only be booked once, to give you the chance to explore coaching.

“Eva is an outstanding individual who has positively impacted lots of people like me, and I have no doubt that anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will benefit immensely from her guidance and expertise.”

CV Power Boost

CV Update + 30min

Looking for a promotion, or a career change? A great resume and story makes all the difference. Let's make you shine.

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